Bill Burgar: successful and enthusiastic entrepreneur and board director.
An experienced and successful entrepreneur and board director.



I was co-founder and managing director of Telephonetics Interactive Voice Systems Ltd which subsequently morphed into Telephonetics plc when we listed the company on AIM in 2005.

I left the business at the end of 2010 after we (the co-founders) sold our controlling share to Netcall plc.



Martial Arts Publishing Ltd.

I am the founder and managing director of Martial Arts Publishing Ltd. It is a small publishing company which has published a number of titles. The business has always been profitable. It has been good fun to combine my love for the martial arts, martial arts books and business to create a profitable enterprise.

I started the business in 2003 when print-on-demand was really beginning to take a hold. I saw great potential in the printing method for small publishers. There is no need to commit to large print runs with no guarantee of sales. Using print-on-demand allows me to publish books with low financial risk. At the same time I share the proceeds with the authors on a 50%-50% basis which is very unusual in publishing where the author normally gets much much less.


Burgar Software Ltd.

After I left Telephonetics I had some time off and then started looking at what I could do in an app business. I was keen to spend some time working alone to see if it is possible to create a good life-style business writing apps. My first app is Meeting Gold for the iPad.


asensei inc

asensei is a wearable tech company specialising in personal sports coaching.