Contracting and Consulting

At the end of 1989 I left Northern Telecom to set up a computer consultancy to provide PC technical support, training and bespoke programming services to small companies and departments within large companies.

I worked on various projects including writing a cost report database, product tracking database, accounts spreadsheet customisation, large flatbed plotter drivers and user utility programs. Tools used were, typically, Dbase, Paradox, C, C++, Pascal, Basic and a range of off-the-shelf products.

From working on smaller projects I moved to working on longer term programming and software design contracts.

1990: Programming contract at Unilever Research using Object Oriented Pascal to develop an ice cream formulations program (6 month contract).

1991: Started Telephonetics - continued to work on contracts to fund the new company - typically working a full working week on contract and then another 40 or more hours on Telephonetics.

1991: Contract work for Nortel to develop an event driven test suite to test a telephone switch.

1992/1993: 3 month programming contract (extended to 18 months) at Martis OY working on a network management system for a wide area telecoms network using C++, OS2, SQL and Object Database.

1993/1994: In-truck mobile development, electronic tachograph. S-Com Aylesbury.

In 1994 we incorporated Telephonetics and were earning sufficient money to work full time.