Martial Arts Publishing

In 2001 I started writing my karate book, Five Years One Kata. I knew a number of people who had published karate books and most were unhappy with their publishers. They had restrictions placed on them regarding book size, number of pictures and time scales and they got very small percentages of the proceeds. I thought I could do better.

At the time print-on-demand publishing was becoming more widesprea. I created a company, negotiated appropriate print-on-demand deals for world wide distribution, wrote the book and published it. The single biggest source of sales is Amazon. 

Following the publication of my book, I published an number of other books written by other martial artists.

Martial Arts Publishing has never been more than a part time business, it has always been profitable. As in the early days at Telephonetics and Burgar Software Ltd I do virtually everything in the busines with the exception of outsourcing the final accounts and a small amount of graphic design work.

The book currently available from Martial Arts Publishing are:

Five Years One Kata by Bill Burgar