I was a co-founder of Telephonetics in January 1991 and was employed by the following companies since then:

  • Telephonetics Interactive Voice Systems (a partnership) 1991 to 1994 as Joint Managing Director;
  • Telephonetics Interactive Voice Systems Ltd 1994 to 2005 as Joint Managing Director;
  • Telephonetics plc 2005 to 2006 as Joint Managing Director;
  • Telephonetics plc 2006 to 2007 as Chief Operating Officer;
  • Telephonetics plc 2007 to 2010 as Managing Director;
  • Telephonetics VIP Ltd 2010 as Managing Director;
  • From 2005 to 2010 member of the Telephonetics plc Board following floation on AIM.

Following the acquisition of Telephonetics plc in 2010 by Netcall plc I decided to pursue interests outside of Telephonetics and left the business in December 2010.

In my 20 years at Telephonetics I was instrumental in building the business from an idea in late 1989 to a company turning over approximately £10M a year, employing more than 100 people at 3 office locations. As a co-founder of the business I had wide responsibility within the company. In my career at Telephonetics, I played a key and instrumental role in the following areas:

  • Product: design, software architecture, coding, and testing. Responsible for product management and development;
  • Production: supplier relations, purchasing, product build, test and shipping;
  • Project Management: design of company project management ethos and procedures, project management of installations of all sizes of systems from 2 telephone lines up to 3000 telephone lines, customer services and training;
  • Finance: responsible for day-to-day finance, reporting, managing cash flow, purchase and sales ledger;
  • Legal: responsible for customer, supplier and staff contracts;
  • HR: Key role in instilling an open and flexible company culture from 2 to 140 employees, staff and management recruitment implementation and management of company culture, responsible for all aspects of HR, including training, staff development, internal communications, HR systems, disciplinary, recruitment, redundancy and legal;
  • Facilities: responsible for a number of office locations (varying from 1 to 3) and infrastructure;
  • Sales and Marketing: key role  in all aspects of sales and marketing including setting sales and marketing strategy, development of web marketing and direct sales strategy, responsible for marketing research, marketing communications, telemarketing, PR, business development and sales, sales operations and sales liaison. Leading role in major customer events as host and presenter;
  • Operations: responsible for delivery, installation and support of approximately 600 customer systems of varying sizes and complexities, internal IT;
  • Played an instrumental role in transforming cinema ticket booking over the phone from a non-existent industry in 1991 to a totally available, fast and efficient service across the UK and Irish cinema exhibition industry;
  • Key role in floating Telephonetics by means of a reverse takeover on to AIM in 2005. Plc Board Director from 2005 to 2010;
  • Key role in the acquisition of VIP Ltd of Poole and the subsequent integration of Telephonetics and VIP;
  • Closely involved in the acquisition of Datadialogs Ltd in 2009 and the subsequent integration;
  • Closely involved in sale to Netcall plc and the subsequent integration.

I was key in ensuring that the company was well organised and had a culture conducive to success. Together with my co-founders I built a well run and highly successful company ultimately resulting in the sale to Netcall plc.